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Note that to do this, you may be required to edit your current files on your server or create additional files if you aren't able to do so.First, you will have to enable and configure Date Range searching and Sort Results by Date in the Indexer's Search Page configuration window under Search improvements options.Zooming in and out on a problem is a useful tool for developing perspective in both dating and design.

Regardless of the method you choose, the exact syntax for specifying the date and time must be followed.The expected format for the date value is: When this option is enabled, the visitor will be able to specify a date range which search results must fall between.Zooming in on a design challenge allows the designer to notice the details, where zooming out reveals the container of the problem(s), and the potentially inherited problems that have inched their way up from the micro to the macro level.In relationships, a disagreement is often sparked by some viewpoint, history or truth that is much larger than the actual event we quibble over. All authors contributed to manuscript and figure preparation.

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Ayla Newhouse is a Communication Designer with 16 years of relationship experience ranging from misalignment to creative brilliance.

She offers Dating by Design relationship consulting with individuals and couples.

Option B: Using a file As some external binary documents may not contain useful, descriptive, or correct information, Zoom allows you to specify custom Meta information for any plugin supported files.

The option can be enabled in the indexer configuration dialog and must be enabled for each plugin.

These files will need to be in the same folder as the other Required Files for your index.