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In a handwoven piece, the backside of the pallu or border is a replica.In a machine made one, you will find a lot of threads hanging.Are you one of those who love the world famous weaves from Banaras or chikankari embroidery, but don’t know how to differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake?

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But it doesn’t look this way when compared to her aging mother.For now, Omkali says that though she’s quite old to be Amritwana’s mother, she couldn’t be happier even if she sometimes struggles with bathing or dressing this little, energetic young lad. When she does move on, Kamla will take care of him.In more normal circumstances, even she would be considered old to be raising a young child.In the machine made ones, you do not find these embroideries.

Patola weaving technique has travelled far overseas and some countries like Indonesia and Japan still have fabrics woven with this technique.The ones done by hand will be heavy on thread work at the back and will look very different from the front.(Shutterstock) When it comes to Assam silks, the silks used here are Muga, pat, eri.For my maternal grandmother, who migrated from Multan during the Partition, the sari is, and always was, an everyday affair.My mother, who grew up in post-partition India, took to the salwar-kameez way back in the 70’s; the sari had by then entered the realm of “occasion wear” for many in her generation.Tips on how to judge the originality of a weave: To judge whether the chikankari on your cloth is by machine or not, it is suggested that one should see the kind of embroidery the piece of art boasts of.