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So, how well do they know, and follow, these standards?

The question isn’t whether they are forming relationships, they are.

At times her faith was on fire, and at other times it was at odds with her everyday life. And while we (mostly) keep it civil, Mondays in the Fall are full of hallway chatter about the weekend’s games.

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I would ask the youth these questions and see how they would answer these on their own, and then I would be prepared with counsel, quotes and scriptures to teach them further.(For the Strength of Youth, Dating) The growing culture in many high schools is now a “hook up” culture, and no longer a “dating” one.When I would talk to my students about this, the response is NOT that they didn’t want to date – it was that the expectation was: that if they asked someone out that must mean that they wanted to “be” with them – so the pressure was too heavy.So they resort to “hanging out”, it is easier and has less pressure.Auburn, Tennessee, Baylor, Auburn, Arizona, Mississippi State, Troy . Read More Andy Blanks questions whether there is a "new compartmentalization" (the tendency for teenagers to compartmentalize their faith . Read More YM360's newest book, "CONSIDER THIS: A Youth Minister's Guide To Longevity" is perfect for both anyone starting out in youth ministry, or those experienced youth workers looking to mentor someone. Roger Davis announces The CLEAR Conference, an exciting new training initiative between YM360 and Ed Newton that will equip leaders to communicate God's Word more powerfully, and more clearly.

Read More We love equipping you with resources you can trust. In a few short years, they will leave the safety of your home and church and head off to college. As a youth worker, you need to be able to effectively run a parent meeting. Card Funder is an innovative approach which converts new, unused or partially used gift cards into cash to help children around the world. Let us bring you up-to-speed on what’s waiting for your kids: Read More Parent meetings are an essential part of a successful youth ministry. Roger Davis interviews Mitch Grainger about his youth group' experience with Cardfunder." I'm really excited to introduce you to our newest Christmas/Advent devotional, "HARK! and I know you and your students will find it to be a really meaningful resource this Christmas.Let me give you a little insight into the "why" behind it.There is also a letter with four questions you can have mom and dad fill out for each girl. Included is a page of awesome quotes that are really relevant to the youth.