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x Dating offers a ' Safe Mode' that you can flip to either on or off at will.

It automatically starts you off with safe mode on, and any adult-oriented pictures show up as a gray box.

I also discovered there wasn't much I couldn't do on the site, other than contact people directly.

If these issues were rectified, I'd happily increase the rating.

As it stands, I give it a tepid recommendation and only to singles who are tech-savvy and don't mind the Terms of Service restrictions.

Upon reading x Dating's Terms of Use and Publicity Policy, I was hesitant even to sign up for the service myself to review it properly.

A larger-than-average number of red flags popped out at me, such as:x Dating costs either .98 a month for three months (billed all at once for .95) or .95 a month, billed monthly.

I’ll explain why that is, and what the relatively simple rules turn out to be. You’re just getting it like many people do: at random.

What you are getting is most likely and simply spam. This is important: since you haven’t been subscribed, there’s . Like I said, spam is sent out at random and to email addresses that are both legitimate and not.I was somewhat surprised at the number of older (60 ) men on the site.After a few minutes of perusing, I noticed that I couldn't search people by what they were looking for, or vice versa.A search nets you people in your area with just gender, age, picture (if available), the number of photos they have posted to their profile, town, country and user name for 20 people per results page.The focus is definitely on the photos, which works for an adult-oriented site.Most of the profiles I visited weren't fully filled out, although the gross majority have at least one picture posted.