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In New Delhi, SBT started its operations with a staff of 3 and 25 children in the open-air balcony of the Police Station at the New Delhi Railway Station.It has now grown to employ a staff of 142, providing support services in Delhi & NCR region.The walk takes tourists on a rickshaw ride through the city and lands panoramic views of Old Delhi from a spice market rooftop.

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Many supporters who make these initiatives successful have acknowledged that they feel their contributions are fruitful.

Salaam Baalak Trust's annual day celebration and annual play has also become a major attraction for donors and supporters.

The guides are former street children from the Trust.

The walk aims to sensitise participants about street life, street children and Indian society problems; and uniquely engages them in the lives of children in distress.

In addition to the City Walk tour, SBT also offers a Heritage Walk through Old Delhi, showcasing six hidden places, including markets, havelis, and five different religions that have existed in the region since 1638.

This walk acquaints tourists with all that has survived in Old Delhi since Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal Emperor who made Delhi the capital of his empire.

All proceeds go directly to the Trust to enable more opportunities to be made for the children; thus the walk is 100% non-profit making.

During 2012-13, under the City Walk Program, about 593 walks were conducted and 4849 people were sensitised from across the world.

The name Salaam Baalak Trust translates literally as "salute the child".

Programs at SBT include repatriation, providing education (formal education, informal education and open learning), basic literacy and schooling, full care facilities for the young (up to 18 years), drop-in shelters for older children, physical and mental health care, life-skills education, vocational training, sports, job placement and counselling in HIV/AIDS and TB awareness.

Amazed by the street children's immense confidence and courage, individual donors, organizations, funding agencies, corporates, academic institutions, government bodies and representatives of diplomatic communities join hands to work with Salaam Baalak Trust.