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This guide includes my 21 Rules of Dating that takes the guess work out of the process. If you’re ready to start meeting amazing people, and stop missing your chance at love this guide will walk you through the most fundamental concepts to successful dating.

Imagine knowing the right things to do and say, when you went on a date.

Imagine understanding what the other person was thinking and dating actually being fun for a change. The 21 Rules of Dating is a guide designed to give you the guidelines that you need to change your dating life quickly. Finding the love that you deserve has never been easier.

While every woman may be unique, there are common threads that bond them together.

In this guide, I reveal how any man can attract the woman right for him. But first you have to understand what a woman desires.

If you’re ready to meet the man or woman of your dreams, they could be just one swipe away.

Once you make a match, you don’t want to blow your chances.

It’s a guide to creating rapport, likability, and attraction, and best of all it’s EASY!

I once read that it’s impossible to change a habit.

You want to get their attention, give them a compliment or say hi but you’re unable to find the words or the nerve.

Imagine that you happen to see a very attractive person and you would like to speak to them. You have no idea if they are single, taken, gay or straight. You don’t want to be too pushy but you want to get their attention. Normally, you would have let the opportunity go by, slightly regretting it for the rest of the night.

You’ll learn which lines are effective and why the first line matters so much. In this guide I share the fundamentals of attraction and how to use key meditations to bring the right man into your life immediately.