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The three were fired for helping Cena in his battles with The Authority.

If Cena lost, he would lost his spot in the three-way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship on Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

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Once WWE did announce that Sting was wrestling on the show, it did become a focal point.Michael Cole mentioned at least once per segment, and WWE tried to do its best to keep reiterating the point. But still almost inexcusable to not promote that ahead of time, especially considering the competition they were going to be facing.Sting isn’t the Sting of 20 years ago, so not over-exposing his weaknesses before he’s supposed to main event a big show The match also did it’s job. I’d like to see it be Samoa Joe, but regardless of who it is, a surprise would be nice rather than someone on the roster who has already been beat up by the Wyatt Family.Sting looked decent after taking the hot tag from Cena and eventually tapped out WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins, in an attempt by WWE to plant the seed that Sting could actually have a chance I’m generally not a fan of tapping out a champion, only because it’s a tactic that seems overused at this point to build up hype for a big show, but it’s OK here if Rollins plays it off as just protecting himself for The three-hour format is the biggest reason for this ratings dip. But if ratings continue to slide and with football potentially being a reason, it could spell disaster. It would be a good spot for Daniel Bryan to return, assuming he’s healthy.2.While that appearance last year was legendary, he had still never appeared on WWE television until Monday night at the “Raw Reunion” episode of “WWE Monday Night Raw” and the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Sting showed up during the main event handicap match where John Cena was forced to battle Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane. The stipulations were that, if Cena won, then Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan and Ryback would get their jobs back with the WWE.

The fans voted on whether Cena would fight in this match or not.

Cena was in a losing battle, with not only the three men in the ring fighting him, but also with Rollins’ bodyguards at ringside and Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon causing distractions as well.

He earned his unusual nickname from the black and yellow sweater he used to wear during his early days as a musician.

Sting played with several groups before forming The Police with drummer Stewart Copeland and guitarist Henri Padovani in 1977.

Sting is also a distinguished songwriter and actor, as well as an active philanthropist in causes from environmentalism to human rights.