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The image quality reveals crisp detail across all lighting conditions, and the photos and video are so good that you’ll have no qualms about sharing the footage via social media if you want to share anything crops up in the camera’s generous 145° field of view. ) That field of view hits a sweet spot, where the coverage is neither too narrow and excludes the edges, nor so wide that it’s hard to get enough detail where it counts.

The high resolution we prefer means wider FOVs are managed better, as you can zoom in as necessary when examining footage later.

Before Whirlcam.com, there were consequences for uploading your antics to the web (ugly You Tube comments, the possibility that people will make fun of your dancing in the rain video for years to come). Just click Next when you're done entertaining (or alternatively gaping at) your current buddy, and here comes a new person for you to amuse.

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Earning the CAMS Certification will help to redefine your compliance career and make you more valuable to employers.Follow the simple steps below to determine your eligibility and start the process: Visit our eligibility calculator to determine if you have the requisite background to qualify for the CAMS exam.Examination results are available immediately upon passing the exam.is an online webcam website that matches strangers from around the world together for live video conversations.It also comes with a 32GB micro SD card, a capacity that’s both big enough for many people’s needs and the largest among the few dash cams that include memory cards at all.

While buying your own micro SD will set you back about only , it’s one fewer thing to worry about and makes the package an even better bargain.It was literally half way between a full race and 1/2 race cam.Since that time, 3/4 Race has become a generic term for a high performance street cam, i.e. If you live where temperatures regularly cook your car, we recommend the Spy Tec G1W-CB.It has a number of drawbacks relative to our top pick—a lower-resolution, 1080p camera for one—but it uses a capacitor instead of a battery.Refer to the Candidate Handbook for examination details.