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We infrequently stumble upon their guitars, banjos, and mandolin family instruments of many varieties.

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The instrument features a long 18.25” scale, arched spruce top and mahogany back.It’s entirely original but for newer Schaller tuning machines and is well set-up.All the information here is provided free of charge for all seeking it.Using the resources here for financial gain without concern for the source and effort expended by all the contributors here is extremely disrespectul to say the least.Neck and frets are in good shape, body is crack free and well arched.

With a tone somewhere in between a carved and a flat-top instrument this Kay Kraft Mandola offers something pleasantly unique. Pennsylvania-based Weymann & Son were a smaller-scale manufacturer of fretted instruments operative between 1864 and WWI.It has the crack that all Waymann ML’s get on the bass side of the upper bout, but is otherwise without issue. Slightly excessive bow in the neck results in slightly high action, bit the instrument is quite playable regardless.Spruce top, figured maple back and sides; deep wine-red finish accented by finely patterned purflings, ivoroid binding, and inlaid pickguard.In particular, the catalog scans have been grossly abused in this way.The contributors did not go to all the trouble of scanning them in, cleaning them up, and posting them here simply to increase anyone's financial gains or enhance thier threads on other forums.Please don't contact us with general guitar questions as these are better suited to the Message Board's forums.