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Though they're atypical, they have aided him to predict and dodge the global financial crisis, and have served him pretty well for the past 30 years.

However, you do have some adorable lyrics slapped onto it, but musically, there isn’t anything noteworthy, and I would say that it’s easily the worst song here.

Speaking of Hetfield, he sounds really soulless when it comes to his vocals, doesn’t he?

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It's constructed of a few elementary components and a lot of uncomplicated transactions that are done repeatedly countless of times.

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One of the major problems with this album is that it tries to be more epic than the previous album, but it’s not very successful.

The band used cheap tricks, like overly extending the songs, just to give the impression that it’s "epic! For instance, "Disposable Heroes", despite being one of the best songs, has three overlong choruses, which go on and on, until the song gets to the eight minute mark.

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When it comes to, Master of Puppets, it’s either hailed as the greatest thing in existence, or the most overrated piece of crap ever made.

Dave Mustaine, of Megadeth, was infamously booted out of Metallica, and without that extra wheel, they couldn't push their music to bigger heights.