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I never thought I’d see grown men and women snatch sweets from out of the hands of children, (most do give them back when challenged). But when the man behind me starts to push forward in front of pensioners and children, insisting he’s come all the way from Bari just for this and therefore deserves priority over everybody, I’ve had enough!

In order to avoid sleeping on benches or asking from Greeks that you don't know to help you (trust me, the fact that you have both Greek nationality doesn't necessarily mean that someone is obliged to help someone else) start organizing better your trip and your first moved here.Moreover, keep in mind that as soon as you find a job you should move fast to find a house, to get registered in the local municipality and to have a health insurance.You should take care of all these things in 1-2 months at most, so actually you don't have time to lose.Again, be as much organized and prepared as you can in advance!By knowing Dutch you could have many more chances to find a good job position and to evolve professionally.

As a Dutch speaker you don't compete only with English speakers expatiates but also with Dutch native people.Extra tip: Try not to ask people how much they earn. In this way you will learn more about the costs of living in a specific country.Possible answer: Except some specific occasions, in other words professions, it will be really difficult to find a good job without speaking any Dutch.So I think it is time to write a post about the most frequent questions I and many other Greeks receive to save time and energy either for those who ask or/and for those who try to find time and be in the mood to answer (and trust me, sometimes it's just unbelievably exhausting to say again and again the same things for years). You must know that during the last years many Greeks in the Greek communities here receive dozens of calls every month by Greeks that came without money in the Netherlands and they ended up homeless and with two suitcases in their hands.I hope this post will be helpful with discussions between wannabe immigrants and Greeks that already live in Netherlands. These people usually don't know which are exactly the difficulties of immigrating here and as a result they would be begging for a place to sleep for free or for a ticket to go back to Greece.Sometimes it is just difficult to “advise” people that I don't know about important things but in the end I do my best to help as many as I can in the most efficient way. However, there will always be someone who will tell you that you could come and then look for a job.