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To decrease the possibility of overjudgement, you can also feed the invalid URLs for the first validating function to the parse_url function to see if it can retrieve the domain name. It will then provide information, such as the header status of the URL.For example, if it is 404, then the URL does not exist.

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The Validation Functions to be Evaluated Searching Google for "validating URL PHP" or "PHP URL validation" (without quotes) yields the following six result,s which any developer can use and integrate into their own application: #1. Below is the summary for the rest of the validating functions: Based on the result, the first validating function (#1) produces the lowest average in terms of %slippage and %overjudgement.

Source: The URLs to be Tested Below are the URLs to be tested against the above URL validating functions. Validating function #4 does have zero slippage, but it over-judges 87.5% of the time. The filter_validate_URL function, which is the #5 validating function, averages 31.62%.

Validating URLs is important to form handling and PHP data processing. os Csid=xlo8u8nl8m4t725 ftp:// ftp://[email protected]://EN. So the %slippage can be computed: %slippage=3/27 =11.11% (the lower percentage the better The URLs numbered 1 to 40 above are acceptable URLs.

Currently there are numerous solutions for validating URLs. This validating function over-judged 14 URLs (instead of marking the URL as valid, it is marked invalid).

Then all of the URLs to be tested are placed in an external text file (data.txt), which is placed in the same directory as the validating script.

To test choice #1: Discussion of testing script First, the validating function is added to the top of the PHP script.

//url = " //Prints "BROKEN" althought this should be good.

This indicates that something uncontrollable by the caller is getting thrust in their lap.

If you want to add more URLs to test, you can simply add them to the

The output will then be provided to the web browser as either a valid or an invalid URL.

string url = ""; // TEST CASES url = " //Prints "BROKEN", although this is getting re-written to good url below.