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The Reliability of the MMT One way researchers determine if a clinical test is consistent and repeatable over several trials is to analyze its reliability.The reliability of a diagnostic method is the consistency of that measurement when repeated.

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The expectation in a chiropractic setting is that the proper therapy immediately will improve muscle strength upon MMT taking the patient from "weak" to "strong." Chiropractic therapy can produce rapid responses for the innervation of muscles because the basic therapy required for chiropractic patients is decompression of the nervous system.

This literature review, which evaluated randomized clinical trials (n=12), prospective cohort studies (n=26), retrospective studies (n=17), cross-sectional studies (n=26), case-control studies (n=10), and single-subject case series and case reports (n=19) from the Pub Med and CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) databases, suggests this can be done readily with chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT).

In a paper by Panjabi, the world's most published biomechanical researcher, it is proposed that the function of muscles, as both a cause and a consequence of mechanoreceptor dysfunction in chronic back pain patients, should be placed at the center of a sequence of events that ultimately results in back pain.

This paper argues that as a result of spinal subluxations, muscle coordination and individual muscle-force characteristics are disrupted, i.e., inhibited muscles on MMT.

The primary cause of structural imbalance is muscle weakness.

Muscle weakness (as observed by MMT) is understood as an inhibition of motor neurons located in the spinal cord's anterior horn motor neuron pool.Any or all of these factors may require treatment in order to strengthen the inhibited opponens pollicis and flexor digiti minimi muscles, which are evidence of the carpal tunnel syndrome.This "continuous nervous system" thinking and testing in AK allows the identification of contributing sites to a pain state.Validity refers to the appropriateness, truthfulness, authenticity or effectiveness of an observation or measurement.The validity of Lovett's original MMT methods was based on the theoretical construct that properly innervated muscles could generate greater tension than the partially innervated muscles present in patients with anterior horn cell damage.If you want to use regular expression for validating phone or mobile numbers followed by country code.