Updating wwan roaming on verizon

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IPv6 auto-configuration mode uses DHCPv6 and/or SLAAC to configure the IPv6 networks.When you select Auto, all of the following settings are optional (depending on your provider’s requirements): Example Configuration: Out of the box, 6to4 is the simplest mode to enable full end-to-end IPv6 connectivity in an organization if the upstream ISP properly routes packets to and from the 6to4 unicast relay servers.Note: NEW T500's ship with "Qualcomm HS-USB Modem 9202" Not the Sierra Wireless modems for Verizon WWAN option. PDF reference (Lenovo Training Solutions, Personal Systems Reference, November 2005 Number 299): Some models: Wireless WAN Sierra Wireless 1x EV-DO Network Adapter, Mini PCIe Adapter, EV-DO/1x RTT, WWAN antenna on display, service contract reqd with Verizon® Wireless. Verizon, not Lenovo, is solely responsible for the Verizon Wireless service.WWAN: Requires service contract with Verizon; monthly service charges and airtime charges will apply. Visit the following Web site for more information: If you are stuck this article will certainly help you out.

Scroll to the one of the last entries and follow the steps.. ID=601 (I am Debian user, but instructions are applicable for any distribution) You can request an unlock code from Lenovo by calling the IBM support and requesting this code.

It is different from 6to4 in that the ISP provides explicit 6rd infrastructure that handles the IPv4 ↔ IPv6 translation within the ISP network.

6rd is considered more reliable than 6to4 as the ISP explicitly maintains infrastructure to support tunneled IPv6 traffic over their IPv4 network.

Verizon Wireless’ network features one of the fastest connection rates in the U. with average speeds between 400-700 kilobytes per second (kbps).

It also provides another layer of data security and protection, as it isn't susceptible to the same vulnerabilities as a shared hot spot connection, such as data theft.

(ie: Modem and CDMA tabs will not appear on the configuration screen for Ethernet or WWAN.) When you configure IPv6, you have the option to designate DNS Servers and Delegated Networks.