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Access them from the “Get & Transform” section on the Data tab.Use these capabilities to connect to data from a wide range of sources—like tables in public websites, corporate data in databases and cubes, cloud-based sources like Azure, unstructured data like Hadoop and services like Salesforce—then bring the data into your workbook’s data model or display them as tables within a worksheet.

Additional features available under the Get & Transform section include accessing recent sources you’ve used in previous queries and options to combine queries together.

With a premium version* of Excel 2016 and a Power BI license, you can also use search to discover corporate data available to you across your company that is shared in a corporate catalog or even share your own queries with others.

When you refresh the data connections, every step you took to transform the data is preserved.

And once you have the information prepared, you can share your queries easily with others.

If you have Power View reports in Excel and want to continue working on them in Power BI Desktop, simply import your Excel workbook.

For those who elect to continue to use Power View in Excel, the feature is fully supported in Excel 2016, and the insert Power View button can be enabled with a few steps.Today we unbox Excel 2016’s new and improved business analytics features, so you can take full advantage of each capability as it applies to your unique business needs.Excel 2016 improvements have been designed with the analyst’s journey in mind, from gathering to consuming data: Before analysis can begin, you must be able to bring in the data relevant to the business question you are trying to answer.Excel 2016 now comes with built-in functionality that brings ease and speed to getting and transforming your data—allowing you to find and bring all the data you need into one place.These new capabilities, previously only available as a separate add-in called Power Query, can be found natively within Excel 2016.This course is vital to gaining the most from this powerful feature of Excel. This course covers the use of Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, one of the most powerful data analysis tools available in Excel.