Updating iis to 6

When the Windows Features screen opens and generates in a short time a list of Windows 7 features installed and configured on the current system and a list of Windows 7 features not installed yet.

When the list is completed drill down the Internet Information Services node.

In the IIS 7 Performance Features section there exists compression functions for static content and dynamic content. After you select all the necessary components, tools and features required for you click on OK button to start installing IIS 7 on Windows 7.You will have wait for a few minutes while Windows 7 is installing IIS 7 and changing IIS 7 features.If you use our Web hosting, grid hosting, Website Builder, Quick Shopping Cart®, or Professional Web Services team, see Renewing my SSL Certificate instead.As a courtesy, we provide information about how to use certain third-party products, but we do not endorse or directly support third-party products and we are not responsible for the functions or reliability of such products.Complete this form to send a request to become a member of this project.

Enter any comments that you wish for the project coordinators to see when approving your request, for example what role you would like to have in the project.This is frustrating as I don't have time to always stop what I'm doing to reset IIS & wait on it to start back up again. Are you using Windows cache extension for PHP by any chance?If you want to install Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS 7) on your new Windows 7 computer first time after working with IIS 6 for long years, I believe you will be surprised with the improvements and changes both in IIS and IIS installation process.Visual Basic 6.0 allows you to build installers to address some of these issues.Third-party products offer even more capabilities for deploying and versioning application, but automatic updating can be tricky.Introduction Click Once Deployment Click Once Deploying a Visual Basic 6.0 Application Versioning Conclusion Deploying applications is hard. Applications often require additional COM components to operate, and these components require registration. You may have previous versions of the application installed that may require removal.