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A medium sized dog which can reach 70lbs at its upper spectrum, the Dalmatian was bred in Yugoslavia to accompany and guard carriages.

It acquired its reputation as a firehouse dog in its earliest days, when firemen used wagons; the Dalamatian has a special affinity with horses.

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Keep reading to find out which animals are most likely to give us the heebie-jeebies, which of those are actually worthy of our fear and respect, and what you should do if you encounter your worst animal nightmare.

In a previous list, I highlighted ten breeds of dog that have become subject to bans throughout the world for their immensity and aggression. Many little dogs bite as much, if not more frequently than their larger brethren.

Only recently kept as a house pet in any large numbers, this sturdy dog was bred to take on foxes and pursue vermin underground.

Bored or improperly socialized Jack Russells can be dangerous, and though they rarely top 20lbs, they have a tenacious temperament backed up by wicked little jaws, and they will never back down from a fight, regardless of the adversary.

Moments later, they return their normal, placid selves seemingly with no recollection of the attack.

There is no “cure” for rage syndrome, although anti-epilepsy medications have occasionally proven effective.Weighing up to 70lbs, the purple-tongued Chow was used for hunting and guarding in its native China, and was also frequently eaten, which may go a long way toward explaining its charming personality.Best remembered as Frasier Crane’s pet Moose, or the eponymous Wishbone from the children’s book and television series, the Jack Russell is foremost a working terrier.The Bull Terrier’s comical, egg-shaped head and its appearances as Spuds Mac Kenzie and the Target mascot have done much to paint this breed in a false light.In reality, the Bull Terrier’s history is similar to that of the Pit Bull, used in bloody baiting sports.When the animated film 101 Dalmatians hit theaters in 1961 and its live action remake dropped in 1996, the Dalmatian experienced a heretofore unheralded jump in popularity.