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Where this has created a new social world for teenagers to get connected and relate to each other in different capacities; it has also given a relatively unchecked means to harass, control and abuse their partners.Despite escalating cyber dating violence among teens, there hasn’t been enough research on a large scale that would help parents and teens to deal with this issue.

According to a research published in ‘Journal of Youth and Adolescence’, quarter of 3,745 teens surveyed, reported that they have experienced some form of cyber dating abuse victimization.

Among them 52% were females who said they have experienced sexual cyber dating abuse.

Then conduct a background check on the online suitor to see if he or she is telling the truth to your teen.

Call the school the suitor allegedly attends and see if he or she is actually enrolled there.

The terminology, “Teenage Dating Violence” is frequently used by law enforcing authorities, psychologists, child protection services and community services alike.

This term explains all forms of physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse that occur between teenagers who are dating each other or in a romantic relationship.Have a serious discussion about the risks Your teen probably already knows that meeting people online isn’t the safest choice. As a parent, it’s your job to communicate the risks of online dating to your son or daughter without seeming too much like an overprotective, overbearing parent.So, sit down together and have an adult conversation about online predators.It’s easy to stretch the truth online, and people do it all the time.Although most reputable dating sites don’t allow teens to sign up for their services, there are a few online dating sites and dating chat rooms geared toward teens. This is because, as you probably already know, there are a lot of predators online who try to prey on teens.