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If you request it, you are entitled to be given a statement of the amount of DIRT deducted from your interest.

If you receive annual interest payments (or similar profit-type payments) of over €300 your bank, building society, credit union or An Post must automatically report this to Revenue. This means that if you have paid DIRT you do not have to pay any further income tax or Universal Social Charge on the interest but it is declared as income if you are making a tax return.

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To make a claim you log in to the LPT On-line system and enter your PPS number or Tax Reference Number, Property ID and PIN. If you are aged over 65 or a permanently incapacitated person or a trustee of a special trust for a permanently incapacitated person, fill in form 54D (pdf) to apply for a refund of DIRT.

Once in the LPT system, you click the Claim DIRT F. Send the completed form to your local Revenue office.

Special term share credit union accounts opened in the period 1 January 2002 to 15 October 2013 allowed a member of a credit union to opt to hold shares in the account for a minimum term of either 3 or 5 years.

A tax exemption applied to dividends from these accounts.

This tax exemption was: These accounts can no longer be opened, since 16 October 2013.

However if you had one of these accounts and the funds in the account mature after 16 October 2013, the tax exemption on dividends is still available.

Financial service providers such as banks, building societies and post offices, offer accounts where you can save a sum of money (a deposit) for which they will pay you an annual rate of interest in return, usually as a percentage of the deposit.

The interest you receive is subject to a tax called Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT).

You can get your deposit interest paid without the deduction of DIRT, or you can claim a DIRT refund, if you are over 65 and: In general, joint accounts where one of the account holders is aged 65 or over will only qualify for the refund of DIRT if the other account holder is that person’s spouse or civil partner.

However, if another person, such as your son or daughter, has the authority to operate your bank account on your behalf, and is named as an account holder for this purpose only, you will continue to qualify for the refund of DIRT provided you are the beneficial owner of the account.

The remainder is liable to the appropriate rate of DIRT (41% since 1 January 2014). The following information is needed to complete the form and submit the claim: Note that your financial institution (bank, credit union or building society) must provide you with a statement of DIRT deducted from your account(s).