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An intoxicated Chester County man is facing charges after state police said he was caught driving 107 mph in 55 mph zone with an unrestrained four-year-old girl in the back seat.The 47-year-old Coatsville man was pulled over just after 7 p.m. 15 along the Route 30 Bypass in Valley Township, police said.During the session, the girl admitted to having sex with different guys since Form One at various locations in the school – in the classrooms, below the staircase, prayer room – as well as at abandoned houses and even her own home.The girl apparently said the sexual acts were consensual and she never asked for money after sex.What will you learn in this week's edition of the Offbeat Police Blotter? The unknown man walked into the Ephrata National Bank in Blue Ball on March 10, police said.

Police in East Earl Township, Lancaster County are trying to identify a man who attempted to cash a fraudulent check at a bank last week.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police department at 717-355-5302 or submit an anonymous tip here.

Those submitting tips are asked to reference case number EE-20.

“The teacher got more information about her year-long sexual escapades before accompanying her to lodge a police report that day,” he said.

Yesterday, police arrested 11 schoolboys aged between 13 and 16 from three schools and another two suspects aged 21, said ACP Kamaluddin.

“Stop, collaborate and listen/ Rap Dkta D's rap intention/ Calling out all you fellas and ladies/ STD's are tearing through folks in their 80’s,” she raps in the hallway of her office, while throwing condoms at the camera On the delicate topic of “vaginal atrophy,” she counsels: “If you have a problem, lube might solve it/ See your family doc if it doesn’t resolve it.” And she wraps up her song with: “No more excuses, you know to take precautions/ Rap Doctor out, hope your golden years are awesome.” Dowler is tapping into a message that public health authorities have been trying to spread for years: there is a lot more going on in retirement communities than just bingo.