Speed dating for seniors

Use you time to best advantage, there no need to force yourself to learn about every person in the room.

I am a hard core Apple guy and have been since 1981. Try being yourself for 3 minutes at a time with some new face jumping in front of you... Save your money for the next POF singles cruise gang.. making us look like a Saint Bernard in a wind tunnel.... ................................it ,you might like it! I suppose the actual "date" then would have take place in six months..after you both got out of traction.

I don't have an i Phone because you are locked in to one phone company. personally would rather go bar hopping and senior center diving...rotf! It is as close to a brothel situation any decent woman may ever come to.. Girlflower Personally, I wouldn't even consider it, for me at least. I'd think speed dating would be a dangerous endeavour. But..would you remember which one you were supposed to actually date by then.then again..after all that..would it matter? Even when people send email for weeks, they make snap decisions in the blink of an eye when they meet.

Actually I imagine just being seen ambulating would win me a big fat zero from the speed dating crowd.

Has ANYONE in this age group found speed dating to be a successful way to meet people?

I can’t see myself trying to snap to attention and deal with rapid fired questions - if I had ZERO interest in the gal.

Even if she looked nice to me - the “drilling” would cause me to clam up.

If it was pure eye contact - that might work pretty good.

Put everyone in a size appropriate room with a number on them. Both of us said "You're not what I expected." The whole date lasted 2 1/2 minutes.

As far as seniors and - being "now" or not - personally I am up to speed on things I am interested in and - don't give a hoot about some "in" things. if I choose to meet someone, I want a little more then 3 mintues to know some info on them. If you go bar-hopping or clubbing, most women won't give you 3 minutes of conversation to impress them, they've made up their minds before you even open your mouth.

I am about 5,000,000 mile away from being any kind of fad follower. How many men have heard "Keep moving..." before they even said hello?

I still wear Levis and consider Wrangers whimpy lol. Speed dating actually gives a guy a fair chance to say something intelligent before he's condemned by his Pay Less shoes and Target wardrobe. Considering that most people will scan a room and decide ahead of time which people they'd REALLY like to chat with, why bother going through the routing with the others?