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“We were able to build scenes as you would with an adult actor," Davis says.

"Sunny was a revelation.”Co-star Patel was impressed by the depths his “adorable” counterpart shows.“You would watch him growing into this confident actor,” Patel says.

“Then you’d see Sunny with an i Pad playing his unscripted answers on topics ranging from moviemaking perks ("Lots of chocolate") to autographs requests ("I've signed six already").

Directed by Australian director Garth Davis, Lion is based on the real life of Saroo Brierley and his journey back home after getting adopted by an Australian couple.

Little boy wonder Sunny Pawar's act was appreciated by all in the industry and therefore, all eyes are on him as he made his big Oscars debut.

His father says Sunny was a natural mimic at home but never had serious acting dreams or training.

director Garth Davis put out an India-wide casting call; Pawar tried out and was one of 2,000 children short-listed for the role of Saroo.

won everybody's heart at the Golden Globe Awards 2017 when he made a grand entry on stage with his co-actor in the film Dev Patel.

In Oscars, Sunny made his red carpet appearance alone, as Dev is expected to join the guests later.He gives a polite handshake before taking a seat.“This is all good fun,” says Pawar, speaking in his native Hindi through a translator.“But my head is spinning a little.”Audiences will understand that feeling after seeing Pawar’s emotional performance inwhich opened in select theaters over the weekend and expands its release Dec. The power of Pawar's portrayal is all the more mind-boggling given that the first-time actor was just 6 when he was discovered.'s first half as young Saroo Brierley, separated from his family on a moving train.We booked the Hotel because it was a great offer, being students this was important to us.The Hotel is located very close to the beach, it takes a 5-10 minute walk to get there.'" The Golden Globe-nominated film chronicles the true story of Saroo Brierley, a man who searches for the birth mother and family he was separated from when he was a young boy living in India.