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There’s a great Starbucks app that allows you to enter your card details, then when the app detects you approaching the store it allows you to pre-order and pay for your coffee at just the right time, so all you have to do is walk in and walk out.

The other challenge they have is to persuade the next generations of entrepreneurs and disruptive thinkers to work in a shareholder-driven, risk-adverse environment.

As a result, many bigger businesses are being out-manoeuvered and losing ground to young challenger brands with more agility and energy, and a stronger connection to their values.

It’s easy for people to use social media as a way to express frustration to brands, but companies can still be seen in a good light depending on how they respond.

Tesco have been more pro-active in their communication with customers and are turning complaints into praise on their social media channels.

Part of Steve Jobs’ legacy is that he reduced the distance between tech and people – apps don’t come with instruction manuals.

Most You Tube videos demonstrating retail technology usually show a sales person dragging people over and explaining it to them.

Elon Musk has changed the way we purchase cars, by moving showrooms from ring roads on the edge of cities and bringing them into shopping centres where they are more accessible to people.

It’s said that 80% of people who buy a Tesla never even test drive them – they trust the technology.

Lyst operates like Uber – a taxi service with no vehicles or Airbnb – a hotel chain with no real estate, Lyst is an online fashion company with no stock.

They operate through partner brands, with products being pulled remotely from other websites to create a seamless shopping experience.

Then there’s Neil Harbisson, the world’s first human eyeborg, who implanted a webcam into his skull that allows him to overcome his monochromacy colour blindness through sound signals.