Sexy bf kaipal

Kinjal Joshi, a designer, shares, “I have tried this trick several times, and it works each time!

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It is incredible how great I feel after this,” shares Kavita Sanghvi, a medical professional.

“This is something that even my friends agree with.

Recommended Read: 5 Exotic Spa Resorts in India for a Unique Honeymoon “I know it sounds a little vain and superficial, but I love wearing makeup and colouring my hair.

I usually go for temporary highlights, and trust me, whenever I get them done, I feel on top of the world,” says Anju Mehta, a student.

Be it chilling with friends on the beach, or a fancy dinner date with the husband, the leggy lass is sharing it all with her fans!

For all those of you missing her in action on the silver screen, the actress can be seen in the popular web-series, ‘The Trip’, along with Shweta Tripathi, Sapna Pabbi and Mallika Dua.Right after the release of the film, the actress announced her wedding. She tied the knot with her boyfriend, Dino Lalvani, in October last year. Three months later, she broke the news of her pregnancy by posting a picture of herself in a bikini, proudly showing off her baby bump.Ever since then, the mommy-to-be has been constantly giving us glimpses of her happy pregnancy.So for me, wearing my favourite perfume is like an instant recharge.” “Nothing can beat the instant feel-good factor that spa treatments have!When I want to look good, I drop by my favourite spa to get a full body massage and sauna bath. I feel like a princess, and I believe I look like one too, given my husband’s reactions,” reveals homemaker Shikha Gupta.Short outfits make me feel really good about myself; they do have that sexy charm attached, I guess.” Recommended Read: 5 Rules to Flaunt a Short Dress “I always know I will definitely feel amazing after a nice pedicure session.