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The same is true for samples with whole-genome sequencing data from Go NL.

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The BIOS Consortium applies a functional genomics approach that integrates genome-wide genetic data with data on the epigenome and transcriptome to elucidate these mechanisms.Over 4000 samples from BBMRI-NL biobanks with in-depth information on disease phenotypes and GWAS data have been enriched with RNA-sequencing (15 M paired end reads) and genome-wide DNA methylation data (Illumina 450k arrays)."Celeste: "Yeah."Celeste says she slept with "more than 30" in all -- street cops, sergeants, captains, even a police dog handler."So I wanted to meet his canine, he did," she said."There's this one time we did it in the car and he had his canine watching us from the backseat."Celeste tells me investigators have interviewed her and copied everything on her phone -- texts and chats with officers, even photos of them having sex. According to Celeste, it involves: It was just a coincidence that the Richmond park I chose for the interview was the same place many cops took her for sex.Go ahead."Celeste: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."Dan: That's okay."But, she has seen more in her 18 years than anyone should in a lifetime. Celeste: "Guap means money."Dan: "Guap means money?

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