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The chart below shows the top five most popular routes over the past decade.

Notice that the Camino Francés slightly declined while the Camino Portugués increased last year. Learn more about selecting a Camino route and read actual route reports.

In fact, it ended up enhancing my spiritual experience on the Camino.

They also track the age of pilgrims, their professions, and if they completed the Camino on foot, bike or horse. In 2016, the majority of pilgrims on the Camino were Spanish, about 124,401 (45% of the total); The greatest number of pilgrims came from the communities of Andalusia with 24,995 (20%); Madrid with 23,068 (19%); Valencian Community with 14,584 (12%); Catalonia with 13,368 (11%); Galicia with 8,425 (7%); Castilla León with 7,269 (6%); Castilla la Mancha with 6,587 (5%); Basque Country with 4,465 (4%).Countries outside of Spain totaled 153,831 pilgrims (55%).Naked Slashdotters, run scared now [Continuing the sex theme] Commander Taco, the man who launched a thousand flames, asks Slashdotters the question “So for those of us who don’t go “Out” for holidays and prefer sitting on our asses…What are you gonna do?” While he was mainly thinking of television marathons (and got mostly predictable results), some responses were quite frightening.There can be multiple edges connecting people (e.g.

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Instead of a spike, the chart shows the upward trend for 2016 was more typical of the Camino becoming more popular year after year.

I suspect that the majority of those who did a Camino in 2016 did not do it because it was a Holy Year, as there are motivations beyond religious.

Here is a photo of me in the pilgrim office in Santiago proudly holding my certificate and credential. American Pilgrims on the Camino has kept track of Credentials issued since 2007.

You can see the dramatic uptick in 2011 thanks to the movie, , starring Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez.

You can generate stats for any particular month or the entire year.