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During the week of “World Youth Day” I was in Toronto. The Pope himself traveled to Toronto to attend week-long gatherings.Thousands of Catholics came from various parts of the world to attend these “very religious” celebrations.

You may think that I am Muslim therefore I am biased. When media reporters (non of them were Muslims) interviewed some of the unmarried pilgrims, sex during the week-long ceremonies was on their mind.Catholic Church had to distribute flyers asking these pilgrims to stay away from having sex without marriage during Word Youth Day.The process of modernizing the Christian faith started few centuries ago with the industrial revolution in England.Muslims are just three hundred years behind in this process. How a person can call himself / herself a “Muslim” and be a homosexual? In Pakistan, there is a growing trend that the singers sing NAAT (poetry to praise Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) just like any pop music song.However, our pace of modernizing Islam is so fast that if the current world order continues, Muslims will soon catch-up with their Christian fellows. Remember that I am not talking about committing a wrong. Pakistan television and radio broadcast these so-called “Islamic songs”.

Recently, I have found out that there is a Muslim gay group in North America. This is a big sin, according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).There is no sexual relationship even among legally married couples during those days.On the other side, the World Youth Day gatherings were not different than a gathering in a pub or a nightclub.These so-called Sufis or peer have lot of following in many parts of Pakistan and elsewhere.Islam, which these self-claimed Sufis are preaching and practicing, is comprised of their own desires and ideas.By doing so, they think that they are fulfilling religious duties as well as their desires.