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In this essay, Council on Foreign Relations’ senior fellow for global health Laurie Garrett takes a closer look at WHO’s missteps and makes the case for why the U. Its appearance in the tiny Guinean village of Meliandou in December 2013 went unnoticed, save as a domestic tragedy for the Ouamouno family, who lost their toddler son Emile to a mysterious fever.

Physician and patients alike are collateral damage in this story of corporate greed. Sacopulos is a partner with Sacopulos, Johnson & Sacopulos in Terre Haute, Indiana.He also serves as Legal Analyst for Plastic Surgery Practice.There was (and still is) only one paved road out of town, the N1, heading around 300 miles due west to Kinshasa and 550 miles southeast to Mwene-Ditu.At the time, Mobutu held Zaire in his clutches and used its national treasury as his family’s personal account; he would die two years later, and the nation would discover its bank vaults were empty.In July 2010, the FDA approved Merz Pharmaceutical product, Xeomin, which could compete with Allergan’s Botox in the facial aesthetic market. These employees came with extensive knowledge and experience in the sale of Botox Cosmetic product.

Merz began hiring employees in anticipation of selling Xeomin nationwide. Unfortunately, they also came with lots of Allergan’s trade secret information,sales lists, strategies, market analysis, competitive analysis…

Considerable courage, combined with a fair amount of swagger and medical savvy, was the key trait of the couple of dozen foreigners who swooped in to assist the local disease fighters. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, took charge, and the multinational group operated as a team of rivals, jockeying for their respective institutional or national stature in the loosely governed investigation.

Most were veterans of battles against other microbes, such as smallpox or yellow fever, but had not previously worked together. Conducting its work under the brutal dictatorship of Mobutu Sese Seko, the group’s every small achievement, from corralling air transport to communicating with the CDC’s headquarters in Atlanta, was a near miracle.

A horrible unknown disease suddenly started causing internal bleeding, high fevers, sometimes hallucinations and deranged behavior, and often death; it was eventually named Ebola after a nearby river.

Back then, science lacked today’s toolkit for the rapid identification and genetic analysis of viruses, not to mention meaningful anti-virus treatments, biotechnology, sophisticated hazmat suits and cellphones.

Do Not Duplicate, Detail, Distribute, or Use in Any Promotional Manner.” Merz’s behavior reminds me of Saint Augustine’s quote: “Oh Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet.” The problem with secrets is once they are known they are no longer secrets. This is the position Judge Guilford found himself in when trying to address Merz’s looting of Allergan’s confidential and propriety information.