Sandra sully dating

Getting unmatched is a sign that they think you’re not right for them, so don’t take it personally just get on with your next match. Sure, if you’re 6’4 and have model good looks you can probably get away with being boring, but if you’re a mere mortal then try harder. Instead, make a comment about something in one of her photos or ask something stupid like, ‘Are you a forklift driver? They’ll be thinking WTF and it will hopefully get things rolling. One of the most important things in any relationship is chat. Tinder can be full of creeps so be aware that you’ll want to be meet somewhere public.

We tend to hear women saying they don’t like guys with their tops off in photos or posing with sedated tigers in Thailand…But we do hear puppies and adventure works very well.

If your photos suck and you look like a potato then this part is less important but we recommend taking some time to write a few words to pique the other person’s’ interest.

You’ll often see girls saying, no smokers, druggies, dogs only, blah blah blah.

Don’t do this, give the person little snippets so they want to know more.

Keep it short, try and be witty as we know people like a funny guy.

Avoid douchey comments or highlighting what you don’t like.

Unless of course if this is a DTF (Down To Fuck) meeting then just meet at a hotel or home and enjoy.

Be warned people NEVER look like their photos when you eventually meet.

There are women who think exactly the same but they’ll post comments in their profiles like – ‘Not here just for a quick fuck.’ Don’t be deterred by this, it’s just a way of saying ‘no dickheads please’. Don’t try and get too deep in conversation, rather see if there’s a spark and organise to meet for a drink or something of the sort. If there’s a spark, you’ll know and it will feel natural to continue the conversation offline ITRW (In The Real World).

So you’ve matched and now it’s time to make the first move. Just remember not to leave your conversation going too long within Tinder. TIP: Meeting someone on Tinder can be a bit scary so we recommend giving them a call before you meet to have a chat.

Thanks to Tinder, meeting your one in a million is now much easier. You either swipe left if you’re not interested or swipe right if you’re interested. Once two people swipe right (I like him/her) then we have a ‘match’.