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It hasn't gone down very well with Eva, to say the least, but Ryan wants to be there as a friend for his ex.” Sounds like it could be totes innocent… Amid all of the heartbreaking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breakup news, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are giving fans hope that love is still possible in Hollywood. Nonetheless, we can't say we're entirely shocked to learn that the duo secretly jumped the broom.Two years in the making, and with shades of Arcade Fire, Bryan Ferry and Tom Waits, Pitchfork called the album “unique, catchy and lovably weird” but the more curmudgeonly Spin – seemingly determined to ignore most of the background – believed that Dead Man’s Shoes weren’t about to “reverse the rule that actors make dubious pop musicians.”Regardless, Gosling stepped up on bass, piano, cello and vocals, Shields learned drums, and Dead Man’s Shoes stayed true to their initial concept of a monster-themed musical by replacing a traditional support band with a talent show, performing with dancing neon skeletons and glowing ghosts, and playing with a local choir for thirteen gigs on a brilliantly inevitable Halloween tour.Dead Man’s Bones was a horror show; it just wasn’t the one it should have been.If Ryan and Rachel are back together, then we for sure know love exists.

Perez also talked to Carson about Kim Kardashian naked in Kanye West’s video, Rita Ora passing out at a photo shoot, Miley Cyrus put on vocal rest, Taye Diggs accused of cheating, Faith Hill & Tim Mc Graw deny divorce rumors and Eva Longoria’s new boyfriend.On Thursday night's show, the stars take part in the talent contest hosted by Keith Chegwin, which will see the most entertaining in the talent competition, decided by the King and Queen, become immune from the imminent public vote.Hey girl, I bet these Gosling GIFs will make you smile. He plays the sexiest characters in movies, his face is beyond perfection (not to mention his abs) and last year he made us die a little bit inside when he saved a woman from being hit by a cab in NYC.So it's Monday, and Mondays are always a little depressing. So we've put together 25 Ryan Gosling GIFs to get you through the day. Ryan Gosling is a man with life perpetually wrapped around his little finger.