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n recent years, guitaristsas well as the wider music worldhave embraced the novel medium of the guitar quartet.At the time of this writing, an Internet search of the phrase "guitar quartet" yields in excess of 2500 "hits," dramatically illustrating the genres widespread popularity.

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There are quartets named after the cities of Los Angeles, Vancouver, Tokyo, Prague, Stockholm, and York, with other quartets spread throughout the world.Such international ensembles include the English Guitar Quartet, Argentinas Santa Fe Quartet, Brazils Quarternaglia, Helsinkis JAM Quartet, Monacos Aighetta Quartet, Italys Quartetto Federico Moreno-Torroba, Switzerland's Guitars A Quattro, and Germanys Guitar 4Mation.The repertory of these quartets includes music specifically written for the genre by contemporary composers, including such names as Joaquin Rodrigo, Federico Moreno-Torroba, and Leo Brouwer, as well as arrangements of every type of music from Bach, Mozart and Stravinsky, to pop songs, tangos, and ragtime.This worldwide proliferation of active guitar quartets, recordings, publications, and new music prompts the question as to the origins of all this.Fritz Buek,[6] who sought to bypass the available repertory of nineteenth-century duos and trios, [7] founded the Munich Guitar Quartet in 1907.

The string quartet was after all the most important combination of chamber instruments,[8] and Buek sought to emulate its prestige and repertory with a quartet of guitars. Hermann Rensch, and Karl Kernall keen amateur guitarists.Names such as Giuliani, Merz, Carulli, and Sor dominated the repertory of the German guitarists.According to Louise Walker, the Spanish School of the twentieth century (i.e.Who, what, where, and when was the first guitar quartet?Many would consider Los Romeros as the first professional guitar quartet, and it is indeed difficult to find any indications of guitar quartets previous to them.This ensemble of different guitar types seems to have inspired later quartets, as Huber mentions a guitar quartet active in Berlin after 1925 that played on instruments "after the Munich model."[11] The quartet performed numerous times in Munich and toured throughout Bavaria, mostly appearing at guitar society meetings.