Cruise ship passengers expecting to enjoy spending time on the Island were unable to get off because the small boats that bring them onto shore had to abandon plans of doing so.


In February 2016, Justice Richard Williams upheld the controversial section 12 of the Health Services Authority Law that provided blanket immunity from medical malpractice suits, for anyone who works for the authority.

In his ruling Justice Williams expressed being “personally uncomfortable” with the ruling he was obligated to uphold and said “the issue as to whether a statute providing immunity against claims in damages, including for clinical negligence, is incompatible with the Bill of Rights is one of great public importance.” The law was repealed in May 2016 by unanimous vote in the Legislative Assembly, however according to Premier Hon Alden Mc Laughlin, the amendment would not apply retroactively, meaning there is no right to seek compensation in relation to anyone killed or injured as a result of medical negligence in the last 12 years; including the claims for damages made by Noreen Thompson, mother of Donnette Thompson.

Mr Mc Taggart said, “What has happened to Donnette and her family is nothing short of a complete disgrace!

This precious little girl Donnette has severe physical and mental handicaps caused from medical malpractice.

This unique educational opportunity to complete secondary studies overseas is available to high-achieving Caymanian students who will be 16 or 17 years old on Sept.

1, 2017 and have a passion for the UWC mission and values.Aiding fundraising efforts is also Shyvon Hydes, who is providing logistical support for an effort that has set a goal to raise CI5,000.“The Government provides a monthly stipend of CI0 for Donnette,” Mr Mc Taggart said.Current UWC scholars at a recent social event in the Cayman Islands, from left, Julian Menkó (USA), Ayanda Jones (Red Cross Nordic), Zoe Conolly Basdeo (ISAK Japan), Gabriella Castillo (Costa Rica), Chanelle Scott (Li Po Chun), Kayla Elliott (Pearson College) and Haley Willkom (Adriatic).Missing: Abijith Anu (Dilijan) United World College Cayman Islands, the local national committee of the global educational movement, is seeking applicants for its 2017 selection process, which begins with a written application due Tuesday, Feb. Since 1962, United World Colleges have brought young people together from diverse backgrounds and used education to unite people, nations and cultures.“But this paltry sum pales in comparison to the real costs associated with the care required for a special needs child like Donnette.” Donnette was diagnosed at birth with Hypoxic Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) and subsequently thereafter developed Spastic Quadriparesis, as well as a Bilateral Brachial Plexus Palsy.