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They also take care of their business, and are not complaining of their circumstances Ok, that description may cover about 90% of the people out there these days.. If she was looking for someone to support her, I had the option to say no instead of deciding to not date her, a priori. I was at first going to say that as long as he was working and trying, that's enough for me...So most of them HAVE to be willing to date/mate each other, or the population would begin to dwindle drastically.. but upon further reflection, I'm going to have to say I'll pass. I don't want to have to work an extra ten years to support another person's retirement because they failed during their life to invest in anything long term.

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If you met someone, and were attracted to them, including chemistry, but later discovered that they were struggling financially, would you continue to date them? I'm talking about a man/woman who works hard, pays their bills, but has little left over for fun such as traveling or eating out more than a couple times a month.They also take care of their business, and are not complaining of their circumstances with you, just down on finances. Do some look for men/woman who have the same lifestyle as yourself financially?I'm careful with my money and buy most things on sale.I buy shirts sometimes for him if I see a good sale.I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I were living paycheque to paycheque and never getting ahead, and certainly if I didn't have some emergency money stashed away and retirement funds well under way.

I understand that sometimes life just comes at one but, at the same time, there's generally always a way to plan for 99% of what might crop up in life, IMO. I won a lot of Scholarships, am debt free and might ( maybe less ) owe a total of 9K for a Pharmacy Degree which is priced out at well higher than average, and have a job now in my area of study.

I've dated men who were in college and in their 40's, its no easy thing to do.

My concern when dating them though was being in their 40's and just beginning a career/or starting their life over at that age.

It's a financial burden they were going to have for pretty much the rest of their lives unless they got lucky and landed a high paying job soon after graduation. I usually pay for dates anyway so it really would not come into play that much.

Still, I did date them, but never looked at them as long term because of that. On special occasions she could make me something instead of buying me a present, that would make the present much more special to me.

I live within my means and don't even own a credit card. Entering in to a relationship that may have the possibility of a long term commitment with someone who has debt, financial issues is difficult when you think of it down the road. TDH49/abelian that is a very good way to look at it.