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Everybody is into something a little bit different, right? You can put your best foot forward, but you have to make sure it’s your foot. Most people they date, and end up marrying someone that they know from church, from work, or from school or whatever it is. There’s a quarter million people in New York City on OKCupid, and you can choose from them all.There are enough people online, so there’s going to be somebody there that likes you — which isn’t the case at a party where there’s 100 people and you’re on the fringe. That is intimidating in a way, and that means people become more judgmental to handle that choice. It’s inherently interesting to people, especially when you have data.

We should do some press releases of some data.” So we hired a PR firm. It was the best, sexiest cities, that kind of thing. Then we were like, “All right, let’s just do it ourselves.” People liked it, so we did another, and we did another and not before long, it really transformed.

We really did it as a way to get people talking about Ok Cupid without having to talk about how they’re on a dating site.

The brand’s captivating blog, which launched in 2009 — during a time when online dating was still slightly taboo — can be viewed as one of the first true successes in content marketing.

By using their own data, OKCupid turned key stats and facts into compelling stories to ultimately become a trusted authority in the online dating space.

If you’re married or you’re dating somebody, you don’t need it. I think I’ll give it [online dating] a shot.” I think that happened a lot, but very few direct line-ups. ” As far as how to know when you’ve got something and knowing when you have something that people are going to want to read, is like a little bit of voodoo. One of our most popular posts was comparing our gays users to our straight users.

If you read the blog post while you’re dating someone and you get dumped, and you’re like, “Oh, man. See also: The Future of Content Marketing & Lead Generation Content Scripted: Did you use any paid promotion? Of course — even at that time — we had a website that had at least a reasonable amount of traffic, so that helped. There would usually be a programmer dedicated to pulling stuff out of the database for me. We’d brainstorm about what to do next pretty often. Probably our single, most popular post was this July when we were writing about experiments that we had run on Ok Cupid.

Unfortunately, a lot of datasets can be robust, and they can be kind of interesting, but they often don’t include any data about the people underneath.

The reason our posts were successful is because they talked about people and what people were doing.

Christian: Very few people signed up directly from the blog.

It was much more like a billboard and it just made people think because online dating isn’t relevant all the time for everyone. Scripted: What were the topics that people were most interested in reading about? This was kind of at the peak of the gay marriage debate, it’s not really a debate anymore, but in 2010, it was more so.

Chances are if you’ve dabbled in online dating, you’ve come across OKCupid’s blog OKTrends and got caught up in an article about the myths of profile pictures or the common lies people tell when meeting online.