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are able to sit in the comfort and safety of their own home and meet new people at their leisure.

We are able to determine for ourselves how much information we are willing to share and if we find the individual unworthy and ever want out of the conversation, we are one click away ... Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go through and filter out who we would and would not be willing to share time and thoughts with by having all of the prospects being Christian? What if we could require a detailed profile that we could read as to see what they were about? Let's go out on a limb since we are merely dreaming here ...

In an effort to avoid feeling so lonely, free Christian singles seek to meet someone.

The problem is when these free Christian singles do, most of the time they appear to be what we seek at first, but soon they change and we find ourselves starting over or even worse staying with them out of some sort of convenience, obligation or habit.

If we have children, it is even worse because we have to defend their little hearts, as well as our own.

It can become lonely and cause us to lose faith in ourselves, others and even in love itself.Then, after wasting months and even years of our life ...After this, some of us become encaged by fear due to those past experiences and create a wall, an armor of sorts, around our heart as to protect it from the potential of being hurt again.Are you one of many Christian Singles and tired of being alone?The problem with being free Christian Singles, besides the obvious feeling, is that being lonely free Christian Singles, leaves us vulnerable and the world offers MANY lures for those free Christian singles who are experiencing this.The construction of the profile helps members identify particular things about the faith that interest them such as favorite saints, thoughts on prayer life, and how faith plays a role in their daily lives. It allows members to make more informed decisions about the things that matter most, something that simply cannot happen on broad-based dating sites.