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It all started when the user switched to a new theme, and the theme displayed thumbnails next to the excerpt of the post.

The problem was that all new images that were uploaded after activating the theme were looking good, but all the old thumbnails looked ugly and distorted.

Choose the name of your gallery very carefully as once it’s been created it is very difficult to change it.

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The UI also allows you to rearrange galleries in the album by dragging and dropping.

This is a very nice interface and easy to use once you figure out that you can drag and drop.

Image management is perhaps one of the strongest features of the Next GEN Gallery plugin compared with other image plugins, although until you learn a few concepts it can be a little difficult to use.

Once you get these concepts straight, the user interface will fall into place.

After watching the Java Script console in Chrome, I discovered there was not only a JS error on every Next GEN settings page, but also a "Not found" error on the image upload page itself.

It turned out this was due to a compatibility issue with Word Press' default permalink structure (e.g. p=123"), as "index.php" was being inserted after the base URL, causing a 404.), multiple galleries are displayed on each row in the style of Flickr.Each row consists of as many galleries as will fit.This is typically due to j Query calls having been hard-coded into your theme.Recently, a WPBeginner reader asked for our help regarding an issue with images on their website.Yes, there is some text describing that, but every time I teach someone how to use it I end up having to show them how to use this page.