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By colly, he 11 Vidlcr causht Hardini's eye and winked. ihough he knows I've bcin | ' taking lessons.' I He looked round Uic field.

'I was flying this aflcmoon with Miss Sun derlacd when a wing came off.' Lee stopped and dropped his bag. 'You— you took up with Miss Sunderland and had a crash!

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EE IS ITSET I ' T EE looked llipraughly upset os he de- 1 ij manded details of ivhal had actually happened. In the mlddlr- of the came Vldler was railed nway to the telephone, but he .v'.nonncc shortly thn he wis goiiis up ; : ! «nd It would have uikcn .' very little for ihe Rnme to have ended ? If not between Lee and ; Tliornton, certainly between the laltei and Harding. and in ihe train Harding asked if he had re ported to Scotland Yard . a joi:rnk ' to town S the laltfr's car was in town thry ' -- 'v decided to take the train from Has '? There v.-js un V- e:*peclcdly no news from Jennln&E. He fell iriat it he did 50, Lee would only have an nvc T'vl Hln'hin . Harding * knew, was madly what Vidlcr did hoi si want to happen.

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