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lagian sekarang cewek2 juga sudah lebih maju kayaknya pandangan2 lelaki lebih tinggi martabatnya sedikit demi sedikit mulai terkikis, tapi yah tetep aja wanita2 menghormati lelaki sebagai kepala rumah tangga. yg lebih tepat: karakter wanita indonesia lebih 'strong' daripada laki-laki (mungkin gara2 itu ada drama suami2 takut istri?

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The Japanese have always been known for their beauty rituals and product.

For the Muslim woman who wears a hijab and working, studying, or living in Japan however, getting a haircut in a salon is a difficult problem because they can’t take off their hijab in front of any man except close family members.

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dan sangat cerewet minta ini minta itu apabila memesan makanan di restoran.

suami jepang lebih banyak menolong keperluan rumah tangga, tapi memang hari kerja mereka super sibuk dgn pekerjaan di kantor.Many of the Japanese Muslims are women who converted to Islam through their marriage to Muslim men.Outsiders would rarely know that these salons are Muslimah friendly. Only female staff will be attending to you, and male staff will not be able to enter the service area.This is the only Muslimah-friendly salon in Tokyo on this list.According to Halal Media Japan, Mami Kimura, the president of Pasha Plus (the company which operates this salon), decided to set up Solpisca, after speaking to an Indonesian housewife who is living in Japan. Kimura that she didn’t know where she could get a hair cut, there was nowhere she could go. Kimura studied Islamic culture and became aware that many Muslim women living in Japan are unable to get their hair cut.21/3/17 added by Bob At last a site that delivers even more than it promises!