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Not surprisingly therefore, ideas about loving people, being compassionate and spirituality are unlikely to appear in many management training manuals or training courses.Nor are the principles of genuine tolerance and selfless giving, or the values of forgiveness, or of nurturing your own spirit, because after all we must love ourselves before we can unconditionally love everyone else, and what's the point of loving yourself if the idea of loving anyone else is a totally alien concept in the conventional corporate world?

"No cord nor cable can so forcibly draw, or hold so fast, as love can do with a twined thread." (Robert Burton, 1577-1640, English writer and clergyman, from The Anatomy of Melancholy, written 1621-51.) Love is a strange word to use in the context of business and management, but it shouldn't be.

Love is a normal concept in fields where compassion is second-nature; for example in healthcare and teaching.

High finance and loving principles rarely appear in the same sentence now, but many regional banks, long since swallowed by the multi-nationals, were once Quaker businesses, run on caring principles.

The Pease Company which effectively pioneered the railway industry was also a caring Quaker business.

I should also make the point that dispassionate results-driven behaviour is not the exclusive domain of men.

Many successful women in business (and politics) have had to wear the trousers, if not full the battledress, to beat the men; at a man's game, in a man's world.(See the Benziger theory section for more understanding about this.) Historically men dominated the business landscape, and still do today to an extent.Not surprisingly then male-oriented ideas and priorities - especially dispassionate left-side-brain factors - have tended to dominate business and organisations.And so businesses and corporations are beginning to realise that genuinely caring for people everywhere is actually quite a sensible thing to do.It is now more than ever necessary for corporations to make room for love and spirituality - to care for people and the world - alongside the need to make a profit.Let's acknowledge also the reality that a methodology based on cold-hearted logic and dispassionate decision-making can produce very effective results, especially short-term, and where clinical leadership is required to overcome great challenge or difficulty. Some even achieve long-term success (according to their own definition of the word success).