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2 Live Supertramp Disco Supertramp (Goodbye Stranger) 2 Live Crew (Party) Marvin Gaye (What's Goin On) 3. Promiscuous All Night (130 bpm Mix) Nelly Furtado feat.

No, you won't I hope my player stole your hope Anymore game I'm going overdose Jerry Tarkanian, I'm supposed to coach Money train on my poster ho Way too cool, can't push a button Banks around, you got no control Relax and let it go That girl wants to be bad.

That's negative feedback, forever bro I'm chasing greenbacks and envelopes You only care about status Probably see zeroes in the bed with her High maintenance with no standards, damn It's a shame you're so regular Don't hog the lane on my cellular Don't be difficult, we ain't dating Better stay in line with the editor Hawaii, 5 trips ahead of ya Oh? Your homegirl found a way to track me down Telling all your problems to grimy ears Playing for the crowd is exactly how She's 10 times more nasty now Caught in a walk with her ass all out Then you'll be here all alone The nigga all the bad ones ask about All black cruising, my casket route In my throwback, full classic bout Short on time, I smash then count Them whores ain't mine, I pass them out You ain't even got to ask me My game catchy, no free rides here, better get a taxi You don't think I know how this shit going to go?

Murrow, Hugh Le Caine, Laurie Spiegel, and Jon Hassell 20 Song Compilation of dj BC mashups 1.

Suffragette City (dj BC's Sufferin' Remix)- David Bowie 2.

) Jack White (Sixteen Saltines) Flo Rida and Ke$ha(Right Round) Beastie Boys and Santigold (Ain't No Game That I Can't Win) vs Duran Duran (Wild Boys) Bessie Smith (Preachin' The Blues) vs Mack 10 (Backyard Boogie) Black Star (Bright As The Stars) vs Manhattans (Shining Star) Milk Dee vs Big D and The Kids Table Midnight Traveller Mos Def vs The Allman Brothers Midnight Traveller Mos Def vs The Allman Brothers Stuntin' Like A Father Figure Lil' Wayne and Birdman vs George Michael Silly Fuck Songs Cee-Lo Green vs Wings vs The Supremes Woo Float On Up The Mountain Modest Mouse vs Busta Rhymes vs Diana Ross vs MIA Amy Winehouse Went To UMASS Moe Pope vs Pixies Peanut Butter Jam Buckwheat Boyz vs Technotronic vs Yo Gabba Gabba 2 Sexy MFs (with Coma R) Prince vs Pase Rock feat Amanda Blank Kool G Rap vs Hill Street Blues This Kind Of Halo Sister Hazel vs Beyonce dj BC - Unbelievable Juice and Gin (Instamatic video mashup) from Tim Baker on Vimeo. Jazz Revolutionist Guru vs Jeremy Steig vs Tribe Called Quest vs Chuck D vs dj BC Chevrolet Jungle Chevrolet - Taj Mahal Jungle Brother - The Jungle Brothers The B Side (snippet) - Masta Ace Rockin' With Mommy Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?

C.) The Smiths (Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before) Peter, Bjorn and John(Young Folks) Salt N Pepa (Push It) Bob Marley (Is This Love?

" Weekend fuck to a nigga like me P-I-M-P till the day that I die You buying the boots and I'm taking them off Keeping her hair then I'm fucking it up Turning her out as she's spilling the guts Won't lead her on, the feeling's too much She thinks I'm the one but there can't be no us I met you a stray, there can't be no trust The lifestyle fills up your panties with lust Spare me the amateur stuff Look, you happy now?

Jimi Hendrix (Little Wing) Young Buck (Shorty Wanna Ride With Me) ill Submarine - The Beastles from Thriftshop XL on Vimeo. - Funkadelic Rockin' With The Best - MC Lyte Two mashups featuring the English Beat and Edo G: Acting Like a Swivelhead ("March Of The Swivelheads" vs "Acting") Edo In The Bathroom ("Mirror In The Bathroom" vs "Dedicated") Shorty Shutup Shut Up and Let Me Go - The Ting Tings Shorty (Put It On The Floor) - Busta Rhymes feat.

Right, alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez is pictured in court on Tuesday Shaneah, who had gone to her sister's house following her boyfriend's death, said that Shayanna took a number of phone calls in another room at her home and then went to the basement several times, on the last occasion carrying a black garbage bag.

During her morning commute the following day, she called Odin at 7.30am but was unable to reach him.

Despite several attempts by many hip-hop staples to bury this hatchet, the feud between Game and G-Unit continues to this day. Or do you back Banks, Fif and Yayo’s ongoing grudge against their former collaborator?