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Jennifer had a clover tattoo on her left hip, there are no other identifying features (surgical scars, birthmarks, etc.).

Finally, the black and white photo is a still photo from the surveillance footage.

Jennifer was visiting her current boyfriend during this time.

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His cooperation with the investigation has been ongoing.

The condo complex Jennifer lived in was new construction.

There were no usable fingerprints or DNA in the car to identify the suspect.

Family and friends were not able to identify the person either, and there is unfortunately no image capturing their face.

This is the clearest shot of the person who dropped off Jennifer’s car (2004 Chevy Malibu).

The car was left at an apartment complex just over a mile from Jennifer’s condo.

(Blink on crime site, linked at the end of post) I have added some photos here, the first is Jennifer’s missing poster.

Please enlarge it and familiarize yourself with it. Jennifer would be 34 now, this photo is an estimation of her appearance at age 33.

At 24 years old, Jennifer had a lot of great things happening in her life. Two days after her disappearance Jennifer’s car was found.

She was successful in her work, happy in a relationship, close to family and friends and had just purchased a condo of her own. Surveillance footage shows a person, between 5’3″ and 5’5″ exiting the vehicle and walking away.

It is unknown where the car was from Tuesday morning to Thursday, when it was discovered.