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Collars for dogs are a piece of clothing that the dog must love to wear.A cute collar is the dog’s ticket to long walks outside and personalized dog collars also allow the dog to be identified if he or she is separated from you.Rhinestone dog collars are a favorite for many dog owners.There are collars for small dogs and collars for large dogs.Submissive and/or excited urination is an involuntary behavior.

Your dog isn’t making a conscious decision to pee; he may not even know that he peeing, which is why most owners’ efforts to correct the problem fail.Martingale dog collars are designed so that the collar lightly tightens when there is tension on their leash, and then become loose again when the tension is gone.These collars provide a humane way to have more control over the dog without choking the dog.The end result is the same – pee on your floor (or maybe your feet!) – but even perfectly housebroken dogs can have submissive urination problems.Some breeds – including Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers and Dachshunds – are especially prone to this behavior, but it can occur with dogs of any breed.