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Teachers need to model academic English with clear pronunciation and diction.

Teachers should also refrain from using slang Language learners rely on both verbal and nonverbal cues.

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In native language development, the normal progression of skills is first to say something and then to be able to read and write what one can say.Therefore, abundant oral practice needs to be made available to students in order to afford them the first steps of creating with language.There is no doubt that instructional delivery becomes more of a challenge when there are students whose native language is not English.And when ten or more languages and nationalities may be represented in the same classroom, the problem is compounded.Additionally, novice students rely not only on being able to see your mouth when you are speaking but also on watching your face for other nonverbal cues to meaning.

These buddies should be strong students who will help the student next to the buddy so that the buddy can guide the student and answer questions at any point in the class in as unobtrusive a manner as possible.Nevertheless, even with a minimum of instructional delivery modifications, English language learners () students.Nevertheless, even the highest level of enthusiasm for learning can be thwarted with tedious tasks that are beyond the student’s level of capability.Download the Scheme of Work File type: Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) File size: 32.8 MB To download the file to your hard drive, right-click (PC) / ctrl-click (Mac) on the 'Download file' link, and then choose the 'Save Target As' option.Click here for more resources on professional knowledge and understanding.The converse of this phenomenon is also true; if students are not able to produce an idea orally, they will probably not be able to write it.