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K." version, as well as many other programs on many other platforms; for example, Fast Tracker 2 for MS-DOS on the PC, which can handle even numbers of channels from 2 to 32. Otherwise, set that channel's funkrepeat speed to funkrepeat_table[x].

This is rarely implemented because not everyone knows how to use it and those who do generally think it's "nasty" as it overwrites sample data.

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On a real Amiga, when a nonlooped sample is played, the whole sample plays through once, and then doesn't play any further. Once you've done that, you only need to check if you've exceeded (length loop length) words (or bytes if you've converted it) for a looped sample, or length words for an unlooped sample.

If you then attempt a slide-to-note (3xx / 5xy), you won't hear anything. For an unlooped sample, you just refuse to mix if the offset is past this point.

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If a sample is supplied, then the sample is "latched", the channel volume is reset to the sample's default volume, and the starting offset is reset to 0. ) will change the sample, too, but other versions do not. ) Impulse Tracker also changes the sample; however, if you're converting MOD to IT yourself and you don't want this, you can put a "note off" with the sample and it will just change the volume (unfortunately, this behaviour does not work correctly with libmodplug or Schism Tracker at the moment). (please clarify: is it per note or per sample, or will either retrigger it?