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In fact, there are innovations in every detail of the PMW-EX1, from its IT-friendly MP4 file recording to advanced creative features, such as selectable gamma curves and 'Slow & Quick Motion' capability.

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Its 1920x1080 rates are 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p and 24p. This camera is HD only; there are no SD (NTSC/PAL) modes available, but, because down-conversion of HD generally gives you a better SD picture anyway, these shouldn't be missed.The EX1 records all of its images in the long GOP MPEG-2 format.Unlike its HDV counterparts, the EX1 can record in full-frame 1920x1080, using a 35Mb VBR compression called HQ mode, which, appropriately enough, gives the images their highest quality.It also offers an SP mode that follows the HDV standard (1440x1080 using 25Mb CBR) for compatibility with an existing HDV workflow.Most camcorders in this price range have a servo lens that rotates infinitely, which supports autofocus.

While this is adequate for most work, the downside is that you never really know where your position is, and it can be confusing to manually change focus in the proper direction should the need arise.It is also the first handheld camcorder to carry the legendary Cine Alta 24P brand with multiple frame rate recording capability such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P, as well as being 1080i/720P switchable.There is also a choice of a 35Mb/s High Quality mode or a 25Mb/s, HDV 1080i compatible mode.Sony's Broadcast division has stepped up to try to meet that challenge: to make broadcast quality images, but to make them for less than ,000. The EX1 uses a fixed Fujinon 14x HD lens, and it has some interesting new features, not found on any other camcorder.First and foremost, the shooter will notice the focus ring.The iris ring offers a smooth rotational range and doesn't snap from f-stop to f-stop, so you can dial in an exposure between say f8 and f5.6.