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At the Novi Rock festival in Ljubljana during the same year, the frontman Tomaž Hostnik appeared in a military uniform and despite being hit by a bottle in the face, causing him serious injuries, he managed to bring the performance to an end.

by hanging himself from one of the most powerful Slovenian national symbols – the kozolec near his hometown, Medvode.

I think, as much as I remember, that Milan Mladenović has been present with the amount of six songs among the top ten, both with Šarlo and with EKV.

At this early stage of their career, Laibach's visuals employed mining iconography.

Eventually, the group would add such symbols as Triglav, deer horns and the Malevich's black cross rounded with a gear.

I am glad that "Šejn" is ranked so high on this list and I don't regret that it is not on the first place.

Among all these songs there are quite a few excellent ones and I can't distinguish only one of them.

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This list is not an intersection of the masses' taste, but it reflects the taste of younger, more educated, communicative and open people.

It is quite logical that most of these songs are from the 1980s not only because of the fame of that "golden age", but also because of the mere fact that the production had been greater and of better quality than in any other period.

They had asked the 12th congress of the SSO of Slovenia to be allowed to use the name Laibach and have public performances, a request which had been accepted.

The group subsequently got the "Zlata ptica" ("The Golden Bird") award at the Yugoslav Youth Day. The usage of Nazi symbols and the name "Opus Dei" caused the Catholic institution of the same name to sue the group but the case was eventually decided in favour of Laibach.

The first live appearance and an exhibition entitled "Žrtve letalske nesreče" ("Victims of an Air Accident") took place in January 1982 at the Ljubljana club FV, followed by performances in Belgrade and Zagreb.