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Not only is this a pleasant bit of silly fun, but it’s also a great opportunity to re-ask those “early days” types of questions, the answers to which you may have forgotten.

Then, you can *hopefully* watch them continue to bloom along with your relationship. A perfect anniversary date is simply to take your other half on a date back to where it all began—six months ago. In this variation, however, you both pretend to have been meeting up with someone else who has stood you up, until one of you takes it upon yourself to make a move on the other.The trick is to stay in character until you leave the joint.Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you get the guns out.The shots we’re referring to are the kind you drink.[Read: 22 romantic flowers that are favorites with women] #3 A lesson in love. What those lessons might be exactly is entirely up to you and your special someone, but these could include things like cookery, language lessons, DIY projects, or a sporting pursuit such as skiing. Give your anniversary date an IOU for six minutes of your time, in which you promise to do absolutely ANYTHING they ask.

This could be an opportunity for a lot of fun and laughs, or even something a little spicy…It’s a fact that relationships are often a little less permanent than once they were.People fall in and out of relationships more frequently and with more ease.Nothing says “I love you” better than flowers, so how about incorporating the six month theme into a bouquet?It could be six of her favorite flowers in one small bunch, six different types of flowers, or, if you’re really feeling fancy, six whole bouquets.However, if you’re looking for a little twist in your celebration, then look no further than the following list.