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“Never anything in between.” To accomplish this, Gottfried said she wanted to show the awkward, comedic side of dating.

“It helps to laugh about it and show we’re not alone,” she said.

She told me that her role in is “the first thing out of school that I’m proud of.” Although she has never been on a blind date (she’s dating someone from her hometown in Maryland), “It’s cool putting myself in those shoes,” she said.

Another cast member, 28-year-old Jessica Schechter, who lives on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, a hub for young Orthodox singles in New York, is co-producer of the film who also plays the role of an anti-traditional, progressive character named Noa.

“My character is Modern Orthodox but she believes women can do anything,” said Schechter, who is also a theater director and drama teacher.

“She doesn’t need a chair pulled out or a door held open to feel appreciated, which is ironic because I like chivalry.” Schechter said she feels it’s important to give voice to all different personalities in the Jewish dating spectrum, and to communicate the many ways people meet: through friends, at a Shabbat table, or even via a matchmaker.According to the director, Ronnie Kay, three of the couples she filmed went on to get married, but she herself (a secular Jew) remains single.The show is not currently airing, but there is a documentary film in the works.The creators of have also aimed to show a more “modern” Jew than is typically portrayed in the media, especially regarding their relationships.“We see Orthodox Jews being forced into stifling arranged marriages or secular Jews in super casual relationships,” Gottfried said at a recent screening of in Manhattan.It’s an example of matchmakers gone wrong and chemistry leading the way to a potential match, even in the Orthodox world of marriage-focused dating.