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When I logged back in, I found the site had automatically determined my gender as male, so I had to go into My Account at the top right of the page and then scroll down to change it. From the same My Account page, you’ll want to set up your profile so that people can find you.

Friends, Email, Nothing Serious and Marriage are your only choices in the “looking for” section, which implies people can, and do use Friends Reunited as a dating site.

Ever since then Friends Reunited have tried to re-brand themselves in attempts to woo back the member base of yesteryear.

I didn’t find it particularly suited, however, to love and romance; there is more a platonic friendships or “what if’s” feel than anything else.

Still, it’s extremely popular (especially in the UK).

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Friends Reunited initially helped UK-based former classmates and friends of all ages reconnect after they’d lost touch in one of the first online social networks ever.

Only “straight/heterosexual” and “gay/lesbian” options were offered in the sexuality field, however you can also choose “no preference/choose not to answer” for any question.

There were a staggering number of options and questions to fill out, all of which are searchable.

They are not available in the UK yet but should add an extra fun element to an already good dating site when they arrive.

You can read our review here Ok so the idea that people are compatible with others who share the same interests is not new, a web site called Pinstant Karma is taking this to a whole new level.

To communicate with other members men have to fork out up to £60,000 where as the ladies only need to pay between £6 and £30 a month depending on how attractive a panel deems their photos are introducing short online games to their personals site.

The first seven games to be included last between one and five minutes and are intended to add interaction between players through instant messaging.

They are doing away with the standard matchmaking personality tests and using the fad of social interest pin boards to connect people.