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All you need is a VBA Standard Module with a Procedure for testing the SQL in a very simple program. As you learn more about VBA programming learn how to execute SQL directly.You can then execute the SQL directly without using a Query. Result: Set the Is Selected field of all records to No.This error would be to include fields in tbl People for Monday, another field for Tuesday, an so on.

The first example below illustrates statistical operations (AVG and SUM), and a summary function (GROUP BY) that results in a neat statement of average salaries for the sexes and the company as a whole.To use SQL as it is intended, and for the most power with it, your data will be structured into fields (columns), and the fields structured into records (rows), and the records into tables.These examples present a variety of single- and multiple-table SQL syntax which illustrate the power and flexibility of SQL in queries, as the Row Source for controls on forms, or in the opening of recordsets. A very highly rated web site for basic SQL information (including very many examples and tutorials) is James Hoffman's This section was added to the MS Access SQL because of the extreme popularity of My SQL.The topics here will include multiple tables and creating and loading tables directly from SQL.DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `tbl People`; CREATE TABLE `tbl People` ( `ID` int(5) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `First Name` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `Last Name` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `Hire` date NOT NULL, `Review` date NOT NULL, `Salary` decimal(12,2) NOT NULL, `Sex` varchar(1) NOT NULL, `updated` timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, PRIMARY KEY (`ID`) ) ENGINE=My ISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; DESCRIBE tbl People; LOCK TABLES `tbl People` WRITE; INSERT INTO `tbl People` (`First Name`, `Last Name`, `Hire`,`Review`, `Salary`,`Sex`) VALUES ('Carla','Dumont','1987-09-04','1999-10-02',60249.82, 'F'), ('Andrew','Frank','1997-02-09','1999-02-09',55081.10, 'M'), ('Janet','Oniell','1994-06-25','1999-06-25',49875.00, 'F'), ('Margo','Dumont','1994-01-16','1999-07-16',77629.58, 'F'), ('Edward','Jones','1998-01-17','1999-09-17',40163.31, 'M'), ('Harry','Jones', '1978-09-22','1999-10-01',103500.00,'M'), ('Jane','Doe', '1978-08-09','1999-10-03',103750.00,'F'), ('Hugh','Poynor', '1989-09-12','1999-09-30',30601.00, 'M'), ('Jane','Deaux', '1987-09-08','1999-10-03',79368.71, 'F'); UNLOCK TABLES; Select a list of first names with no duplications in the list. " Execute a subquery to list only people with above average salaries. Add an employee (note that only partial data is included).

# next add a new person -- notice not all fields are included # with the result that missing fields will have blank data or contain defaults INSERT INTO tbl People (Last Name, First Name, Hire, Salary, Sex) VALUES ('Smith-Kline','Mary', '2000-11-01' ,50000,'F'); The UNION syntax lets to combine queries for an organized result.

The unmatched records that have the foreign key are called orphans. Paste the example data into the table and rename the fields to the names above. If you have the examples only in hard copy, you would have to re-type the data in an Access table.

Create a query that lists peoples names, passwords and email addresses It is an industry practice to not store peoples names, passwords and user IDs in the same table because a security breech of the one table would expose sensitive data that could be used maliciously. If you have this document open, highlight an SQL statement and copy it to the clipboard.

You may build databases on your desktop and on a remote host or both.

Follow directions for the free database console you choose above.

Notice below tbl Email has a primary key (ID) and a foreign key (tbl People ID).